Mark Barrott – Sketches From An Island 2

When the illusive Mr Mark Barrott releases an EP it makes everyone sit up and take notice, Mark has an incredible musical background beginning in the world of Ambient Drum & Bass with Future Loop Foundation, he was the first artist to perform Drum & Bass live on British radio and has worked in many different areas and genre’s of music.  In 2008 Mark moved to the Uruguayan coast where he started up International Feel Recordings which quickly became a quintessential label for Balearic Music, with quality limited run vinyl releases International Feel quickly garnered cult interest with twelves chaining hands on Discogs for ridiculous sums.  Having been living in Ibiza for two years Mark has embarked on the Sketches From An Island project.  Immersing himself in the islands culture he hopes to capture the true essence of the Balearic sound.

Formentera Headspace Blues (Pt’s 1 & 2) is a delightful skittering synth fuelled journey into the sunshine, the percussive arrangement is reminiscent of the drums to be heard at Benirras Beach melded with lilting guitar riffs and xylophonic interludes.

Deep Water is again synth heavy with flighty flutes, tom tom percussion and a smattering of flamenco guitar, the addition of tinkling piano breaks forms a rounded almost spiritual sound.

Go Berri Be Happy has a guitar led blissful vibe, haunting synths and laughter blended with wooden percussion, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Essene is again guitar led, exquisitely arranged and extremely easy on the ear, without a doubt 100% bona fide sunset music.

Back To The Sea begins with the sound of the crashing mediterranean and the cries of gulls, synth and guitar permeate slowly to bring a warm welcoming smile to the face.

With this EP Mark has given us a near on perfect audio embodiment of The White Island, an absolutely perfect soundtrack for idyllic hot sunny days spent splashing around on a boat just off the coast at Cala Conta or equally at the lofty perch of Satalia the highest point on Ibiza.  In my opinion Mark has captured a true feeling of the real Ibiza with this EP.