Underworld – Dubnobasswithmyheadman – 20th Anniversary Re-issue and Show


Has it really been twenty years?

Where has that time gone?

I think I went to every Underworld gig in the first ten years of their career.  Living in Upminster all the reprobates drank at a local watering hole; The Bridge House in Upminster Bridge (penultimate stop on The District Line) .

Mr Darren Emerson was a local so hence we all attended every gig religiously.  It was almost like going to football.

Now here we are TWENTY YEARS LATER, where the hell did that go?

Good times have been aplenty thats for sure and more than a few of us then hardened beat disciples have fallen by the wayside, but the music still speaks for itself; an incredible album which still sounds fresh and new today.

Underworld a serious combined talent and well worth another sniff, get involved!


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