Benoit & Sergio – Your Darkness EP – Release Date 28/07/2014

VQ043 A Label-large

Benoit & Sergio: Your Darkness EP

Berlin favourites and Visionquest Regulars Benoit & Sergio return with the resplendent Your Darkness EP:

The Benoit & Sergio ethos ia steeped in their live vocal take on electronic music, always editing, always tweaking, always new.  With the Unparalleled success of  Walk & Talk” Benoit & Sergio return on Visionquest to show us exactly how it’s done.


This track launches us pretty much immediately into an electronic synth heaven; deep bass tones tease us into the breakdown which when it comes is a stormer.  Driving bass with a four four kick delivers, this is true electronica with bollocks.

Your Darkness:

Immediately punchy with deep dark bass tones, this track grabs you and takes you in from the start. An infectious acid squelch and haunting electronic vocal then leads us into the heart of the track. Punchy, melodica, heads down!

Beat Macho:

In your face from the offset, Beat Macho takes us exactly where expected.  Driving four to the floor, added to with frenetic handclaps gives us the framework for the track.  Hearing this on a large system would be nothing less than miraculous.  It unrelentlessly  forges on, brining the heat!

Beat Macho is without a shadow of a doubt the standout track for the EP.

If this is what Benoit & Sergio have to offer then I’m all open ears!


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