Clandestino 212 Promo Mix

Track List:

Hubbabubbaklub – Mopedbart (Death Strobe Records)
Parkway Rhythm – The Answer. Mark Seven Club Mix (Parkway Records)
Volta Cab – Native Talk (Pole Jam Vinyl)
Weirdo Police – Electronic Cretin (Redux)
Popular People’s Front – Anyway Ya Wanna (PPF)
Fernando – From Out There (Bear Funk)
Chicken Lips – 3 Soaps In One (Kingsize)
Deep Sound Express – Changes (Pole Jam Vinyl)
Secret Squirrel – Side B (Secret Squirrel)
Silver Linings – Sleepless (Gulf Point Records)
The Grid & Robert Fripp – A Cabala Sky
Khidja – Mustafa. JuJu & Jordash Remix (Emotional Especial)

Check out the event here:

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