Review – Gardens Of God – Glük – Boso – Release Date Sunday 24th August 2014

This is just the third EP to be released on the burgeoning Boso imprint masterminded by none other than Ten Walls (Mario Basanov).  Considering Basanov’s track record I was expecting nothing but pure class and I really wasn’t disappointed.

This EP features a rising Lithuanian star; Minidaugas Lapinskis and his latest project; Gardens Of God. 

At first listen the production seemed so professional and tight that it could have quite easily been mistaken as an Innervisions release.  The mood of the EP is heads down dark and moody, but with a definite subtle sadness to the melodies.  However don’t let this make you think it’s a melancholy offering, far from.  I can see dance floors reacting very well indeed when any one of the three tracks is dropped.

As of so much of the good music of late this EP manages to sound fresh and new which I think is a very difficult thing to achieve these days.  It reminds me of certain productions from Mano Le Tough, Tale Of Us and Mario Basanov himself.  I think with Lapinskis we are seeing a real talent in his ascendency.  Cant wait to hear more from this man.


BOSO 003 GLUK 1500x1500 px

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